Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Center in Louisiana

It is very common for individuals with substance abuse problems to also be experiencing another mental disorder. At Acadiana we know that is it rare for an individual to have addiction difficulties and not be suffering from other related problems. The staff at our co-occurring disorders treatment center is fully trained to not only identify dual diagnosis disorders, but to also treat them alongside your substance abuse. By treating the individual as a whole and not just focusing on the presenting symptoms we are able to get the co-occurring disorder under control as well.

Many times individuals may not know that they have another disorder that is adding to the primary problem. This is why upon arrival at our rehab, every patient undergoes a complete assessment in order to evaluate all possible conditions and concerns. If an individual is physically dependent on a substance and requires detox the symptoms of another condition may not be apparent until the detoxification process is complete. For this reason we will constantly monitor your progress and complete evaluations throughout your stay with us. If other difficulties should arise we will make the necessary changes to your treatment plan.

At Acadiana we believe that you are the best person to inform us of what you need to complete treatment and have a successful recovery, which is why you will be involved throughout the entire process. You hold within you the strengths to overcome your difficulties and get back the life you deserve.

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