Alcohol & Drug Detoxification

The most intense level of care at Acadiana Addiction Center is our medically monitored detoxification program. When you come to us, you’ll undergo a complete medical examination to ascertain the level of dependence your body has developed to the substance of abuse. If it’s determined that you are in need of detox in order to engage best in your rehab stay, you will begin care in our detox program.

Detoxification occurs in three stages at Acadiana.

During the evaluation step of our detox program, we’ll determine the actual amount and type of substances that are circulating throughout your body so that we can ascertain how best to remove them from your body. We will then move ahead with the detox program.

The most intense part of the detox program is stabilization, the actual removal of the drugs or alcohol from your system. You’ll be monitored around the clock by our staff to ensure that you are safely and effectively treated for the symptoms. We’ll be certain to explain everything we’re doing before it’s done to mentally prepare you for our care. While stabilization can be uncomfortable, we’ll be by your side the whole time.

After you are stabilized, we’ll slowly guide you into the next phase of your addiction treatment plan. We know the anxiety associated with change and the fears you may have coming out of detox, but rest assured that these are normal. You’ll be acclimated to our residential addiction program so that you can learn more about your addiction, ways of staying clean, and the tools necessary to live a life free from drugs and alcohol.

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