Professionals Program

Acadiana Addiction Center is Louisiana’s premier treatment facility for chemical dependency and mental health concerns. And one of the things that set Acadiana apart is a treatment track designed to address substance abuse concerns in a population that can, at times, be disproportionally affected by addiction – nurses and other medical professionals.

There are a variety of reasons why a nurse may find him or herself struggling with substance abuse. Most notably might be the stress of the job in addition to sheer ease of access to prescription medications. But no matter the reason, we know that professionals who are battling an addiction need quality care that honors the dignity of the men and women who have worked tirelessly to help others heal.

The Professionals Program

The Professionals Program at Acadiana Addiction Center is uniquely tailored for medical professionals who need to repair their personal and professional selves from the damages caused by substance abuse. This comprehensive program includes a 3-5 day evaluation, detoxification services, residential care, extended residential care, partial hospitalization programming (PHP), intensive outpatient programming (IOP), and thorough aftercare options.

Participants in this program engage in this distinctive track that is uniquely tailored to their needs, and while they may at times interact with participants from other tracks, the core of their treatment is specific to the inherent recovery challenges within the medical profession. Our staff is experienced in working with individuals who want to work towards keeping their licenses or getting them back, as well as those who have been directed by the board to seek evaluation and/or treatment.

A typical stay for participants in this program consists of a 3-5 day evaluation, a 5-7 day detox when needed, a 28-30 day residential stay, and an additional 30-60 days for extended residential programming if necessary. Intensive outpatient programming (IOP) typically lasts 8 weeks, and we have designed our aftercare planning to last a lifetime. At Acadiana Addiction Center, we have built a serene recovery environment that is meant to heal both the body and the mind, with amenities such as a gym, meditation room, pool, walking track, basketball court, and fishing pond with fountains and gazebos.

Services & Supports

The Professionals Program consists of a variety of services and supports with a foundation rooted in the 12-Steps philosophy. During their time at Acadiana, participants will have access to a variety of treatment modalities to help them achieve their personal and professional goals for recovery, which includes:

  • Detox: Our onsite medically monitored detox provides 24/7 supervision for patients by medical staff during the 5-7 day long detox process. Medical personnel ensure comfort and safety during this critical interval of treatment and can provide non-addictive medications to ease the pain that can sometimes accompany symptoms of withdrawal. As patients gain strength, they can work with their counselors individually and begin attending group activities as they are able.
  • Throughout treatment, patients will have access to a variety of scientifically backed individual therapies including Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Motivational Interviewing.
  • Patients will participate in a range of group counseling experiences with topics focused on themes such as symptom management, effective coping skills, diversion, self-care, medication management, 12-Steps education and implementation, spirituality, wellness, and nursing education.

A Typical Day

Our Professionals Program is designed with a balance of structure and fluidity to allow our patients to focus all their attention on their goals for recovery and to limit distractions and interruptions throughout treatment. Each day will consist of a schedule so that the men and women in our care can move through programming knowing what to anticipate. A typical day begins with a morning meditation, followed by primary group, lunch, group therapy, recreational therapy on scheduled days, dinner, and outside or internal 12-Step/Recovery Support meetings. Individual and family sessions are scheduled throughout the day and our medical doctor will see clients on scheduled days as well.

Discharge Planning

Because we are able to provide all necessary services along the continuum of care in one convenient setting, our program provides a convenient treatment experience so that professionals can easily continue working on their goals for recovery after the initial evaluation phase with staff who they have already built rapport and established trust with. We focus special attention on preparing medical professionals to work towards returning to their personal and professional lives with the tools needed to achieve sustained sobriety.

Our aftercare and discharge planning is thorough and comprehensive. At Acadiana, we ensure that each client leaves our care with a clear plan for whatever next steps he or she can take to continue to have success in his or her recovery journey. Having acquired tools to cope with stress while in treatment, our clients are well equipped to navigate cravings and overcome the temptations that can sometimes lead to relapse. Further, we are able to submit all of the necessary recommendations and documents for continued care to the board on your behalf.

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If you or an important person in your life needs a quality treatment program that specifically addresses addiction within the professional setting, look no further than Acadiana’s Professionals Program. To learn more about this program, or any other aspect of the services we provide, please contact us today.

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*Acadiana Addiction Center is recognized by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing.