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At Acadiana Addiction Center, our medically monitored detoxification program provides a safe and comfortable environment. Men and women rid their bodies of Demerol, empowering themselves to achieve long-term recovery.

Why Choose Detox from Demerol Addiction

Importance of Detoxification from Demerol

While heroin is widely known to wreak havoc on an individual’s life if it is abused, prescription opioids can cause just as much, if not more, devastation. Demerol, for example, is classified in the same category of drugs as heroin and can bring about a great deal of discord and strife in a person’s life. Especially if this medication is abused at the same time as other drugs or alcohol, a Demerol addiction is a potentially deadly concern to grapple with.

Even though this medication possesses a high risk for abuse and dependence, it does help individuals who are suffering from moderate to severe pain experience the relief they need. However, because Demerol brings about feelings of relaxation when taken, those who are prescribed this opioid pain reliever can also find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of substance abuse if they begin consuming it more often and for longer than their doctor recommends.

Similar to what occurs when someone abuses other opioids, a person can develop a tolerance to Demerol if this type of substance abuse persists. Once tolerance forms, the individual will then likely crave more of this medication on a more frequent basis in order to achieve the high that is desired. Because of this physiological reaction, if a person attempts to stop or reduce his or her use of Demerol, painful and uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal will manifest.

Withdrawal signifies that a person has become dependent upon Demerol and is in need of effective treatment in order to overcome this type of addiction. Presently, there exist several options for care that can help people defeat a Demerol addiction and other substance abuse concerns. However, because of the nature of opioid dependence, it is important for an individual to seek treatment that includes detoxification services.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of Detox from Demerol

Making the choice to seek treatment for a Demerol addiction is a courageous one, as it means that one is aware that help is needed in order to break free from this type of substance abuse. And while some substance abuse treatment programs appear to be effective, detox centers that offer detoxification services, or detox, are proven to elicit the most favorable treatment outcomes.

When partaking in detox, a person is likely to benefit from the following, which can set the stage for a lifetime of sobriety:

  • Detox programs do not allow Demerol or other substances of abuse onsite. Because of this policy, an individual will no longer have access to this medication and can focus on recovery instead of where another dose of Demerol is coming from.
  • Many detox programs are part of a comprehensive treatment that also includes therapeutic methods of care. When both detox and therapeutic care are accessed simultaneously, the risk of relapse is reduced greatly.
  • Ongoing support, guidance, and encouragement are afforded to those in detox. This benefit can help instill the confidence individuals need to abstain from future abuse of Demerol and other substances.
  • The health and safety of all who receive detox in a monitored program are preserved via the watchful care of trained and compassionate professionals. Unlike when not in a treatment setting, being able to have ongoing access to such staff makes the withdrawal process far more safe and successful for individuals.

These benefits are just a few that are directly associated with receiving detox when looking to overcome an addiction to Demerol. If you or your loved one would like to learn more about detox, feel free to contact our treatment center of your choosing today to gather more information.

Why Detox at Acadiana

Why Choose Detox from Demerol at Acadiana Addiction Center in Louisiana

Sadly, there are those who either seek treatment that does not include detox or those who do not seek care at all and remain addicted to Demerol. This form of chemical dependency is life-threatening and can cut a person’s life unnecessarily short. Because of this fact, it is crucial for a person to seek treatment that includes detox so that the risk of relapse and overdose can be eradicated.

As a leading substance abuse treatment center in Louisiana, Acadiana Addiction Center has been able to positively transform the lives of countless men and women since we first opened our doors. We supply a broad range of therapeutic services, and our high-quality detox program enables those we treat to have their bodies cleared of harmful substances so that they can focus on healing emotionally.

At Acadiana Addiction Center, we are ready, willing, and able to offer you or an important person in your life with the resources and methods of care required to achieve a recovered life. Our staff is happy to speak with you to answer any questions that you make have, and we can even begin the process of admissions right over the phone.

By selecting Acadiana as the place to begin your recovery journey, you will be making a choice that can benefit you for a lifetime.

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